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    Programming of Jumps, Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Throws With Keir Wenham-Flatt

    The topic of the webinar is “Jumps, Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Throws and how I implement those in the training of my athletes. The outline for today: 1)Make the case for high speed training means; 2) Outline of 3 step progression; 3) Sample progressions for jumps, plyometrics and medicine ball throws; 4) Implementation in the training;
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    Rugby Strength Programming Philosophy by Keir Wenham-Flatt [Webinar Replay]

    The webinar this month will be presented by Keir Wenham-Flatt. Keir is a rugby strength and conditioning specialist who has worked with professional teams on 4 different continents. He decided to share his remarkable video presentation with us.
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    Planning and Programming Strength Training Using DUP Approach

    In this video I am presenting a framework that could be utilized in planning and programming strength training. It is based on utilizing daily undulating periodization/planning (DUP), but it gives it a bit bigger picture, as well as utilizing ideas from Agile/Scrum.
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    More Advanced Daily Undulating Programming

    More Advanced Daily Undulating Programming In the previous blog post I have covered similarities and differences between “traditional” and undulating programming. In this video I am expanding on the idea of using multiple set and reps schemes across movement patterns under undulating umbrella. For example, how can we utilize undulating approach with the goal of developing hypertrophy for the upper […]
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    Undulating Programming with Strength Card Builder

    In the previous video I explained differences between “traditional” and “undulating” approach to strength training planning. In this video I will show you how you can set it up in Strength Card Builder, which you can get for FREE.
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    Undulating Programming

    In this video I explain the difference between "traditional" and "undulating" programming. I will also cover the following topics: 1) The difference between “undulating periodization” and “undulating programming”; 2) The difference between variations and progressions (and similarities); 3) Different combinations of workouts/exercises and set and rep schemes; 4) Uses of “randomizations” (covering the notion that “random workout” is NOT just a “out of your ass” approach to programming, but could be viable option); 5) Dan John’s Bus vs. Park bench notions; 6) Dan John’s “Punching the Clock” workouts and their uses; 6) Increasing tools in you toolbox and applying them when needed;...
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    Planning and Programming of Training in Sport Games

    As strength and conditioning coach in team sports (a sub-group of sport games) I wanted to express my opinions regarding problems to planning and programming of training in sport games and present a possible solution. Before you start reading this article, please note that it represents my thoughts on the problems and possible solutions and that you should look at it as ‘critical thinking discussion’ and make your own solutions. As always, I somehow needed to put my thoughts on paper (don’t all writers has similar ‘urge’ to do so? Like something is making them to do it… plain weird!) to fulfill my strong rationality and possibly gain feedback on it via healthy critical discussion which I hardly await. Look at this article this way, not something written in stone or another internet-guru-said-so dogma.
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    Biological Planning, Organizing, and Programming for Physical Preparation – Part2

    Many coaches have preached a very simple way of planning training over the years. That is, to start from the end and work backwards. For instance, if you know your first competition is 16 weeks away, you would simply plan, organize, and program your training in the general preparation period based on this known date. When it comes to organizing for the competitive season, you would start from the last (and usually most important competition) and work backwards.
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    Biological Planning, Organizing, and Programming for Physical Preparation – Part1

    It’s no secret that the big picture is most important when setting out do anything long term. When there is a set destination, objective, goal, event, date, or desired adaptation, the path getting there becomes much smoother. With physical preparation, there will always be a destination, objective, goal, event, date or desired adaptation when planning, programming, and organizing training.
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    Usage of Subjective Indicators in Monitoring and Programming of Training

    Usage of Subjective Indicators in Monitoring and Programming of Training   Introduction Process of preparing the athletes for competitions can be considered complex adaptive system [15, 17, 19, 21] that can be further divided to (1) training, (2) competition and (3) recovery sub-systems. Coach is the person that utilize feed-forward and feed-back information to manipulate key constraints of this complex […]