• MMA Training Classification Using Bondarchuk System

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 21/06/2013

    I decided to publish the following tables that I have created to guide my planning/programming for one  friend of mine and MMA athlete that asked for my advice last year.I have utilized Bondarchuk approach in classifying the drills for each training component (and goal) as I did in my Physical Preparation for Soccer manual and Periodization Confusion article.

  • Self-Experiment in Frequent Training

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/05/2013

    I decided to try out frequent training (upper/lower 6x/week) with using higher volume (lots of sets) of low reps with submax intensity and effort to explode on every rep as fast as possible. Here is the Excel file with all the data and program outline. If someone wants to perform certain analysis be my guest – you can...

  • The Man Behind AccelerWare®: Interview With Stewart Briggs

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 28/05/2013

    The Man Behind AccelerWare®: Interview With Stewart Briggs I have been looking into software solutions to help me with keeping data at one place, along with helping me in design of workouts, year plans, testing results, training workloads and monitoring. Why?  Because Excel was never meant to be a database solution. A lot of coaches struggle with this  –...

  • Interview with Julen Castellano

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 26/05/2013

    Interview with Julen Castellano After reading couple of excellent recent research papers on GPS analysis of Small Sided Games (SSG) in soccer by Julen Castellano et al.  I decided to interview him. Julen was kind enough to accept the invitation and share his viewpoints and research findings. MLADEN: I am really glad I have the chance to discuss GPS data...

  • Statistics 101: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 24/05/2013

    I am slowly going through Statistical Analysis with Excel book and I am making simulation worksheets to understand the concepts. I have created the the worksheet with two populations and two pulled samples to get my mind on standard error of the difference between means which is used in Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing. I have used both Z-Test (when populations…

  • Statistics 101: Central Limit Theorem Simulation in Excel

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 21/05/2013

    Understanding Central Limit Theorem is of EXTREME importance in statistics. This concept usually sets the boundary line between people who understand statistics and people who don’t.

  • Rant: Program Design Software and Some More…

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 27/04/2013

    Rant: Program Design Software and Some More… I will be honest here: I F*CKING HATE PAPERWORK. My ultimate goal is to make things as simple as possible and to focus on the most important aspects of coaching (well, coaching) instead of losing precious time and energy on B.S.  I have been using Excel extensively lately – from designing the...

  • Velocity-Based Strength Training: Short Q&A With Mario Marques

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 04/04/2013

    Velocity-Based Strength Training: Short Q&A With Mario Marques Since we got Gym Aware Power Tool system last year for the purpose of tracking power output in countermovement squat jump to estimate neuromuscular fatigue (see great summary by Kristie-Lee Taylor) I have been fascinated by with the simplicity and power of its use. I started measuring velocity and power with...

  • Does Speed Work Work? My Response to Mike Tuchscherer’s Article [Part 2]

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 31/03/2013

    INTENSITY, LOAD, EFFORT, EXERTION… One thing I forgot to emphasize and explain in Load-Velocity profile (from now on L-V profile or L-V trade-off) was that all reps are done at MAXIMUM INTENTto lift as fast as possible (within technical limit). In another words EFFORT of each rep, at each LOAD was MAXIMAL.  In some strength circuits this…

  • Does Speed Work Work? My Response to Mike Tuchscherer’s Article [Part 1]

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/03/2013

    Does Speed Work Work? My Response to Mike Tuchscherer’s Article INTRODUCTION Mike Tuchscherer’s article Why Speed Work Doesn’t Work lifted a lot of dust. I have read Bret Contreras’, JL Holdsworth’s and Chad Smith’s responses and I have wrote some of mine ‘comment’ on Jim Wendler’s Facebook Wall. Today Mike contacted me and invited me to expand further and continue the discussion on his forum since he...