How to Collect Data From Your Athletes

How to Collect Data From Your Athletes

Using the Google Sheets version of the Annual Planner for Sport coach can easily share and collaborate with co-workers when it comes to planning and programming of the training. The Monitoring sheet allows you to enter basic data on training sessions like minutes spent on categories, as well as to collect status of the players. This is the simplest monitoring and planning you can do.

But what if you want to collect the data from the athletes themselves? Like sRPE (session rating of perceived exhaustion) or wellness? Well, you can also do that for FREE!

In the video below I am showing you how to easily create survey, send it to the athletes and get their responses directly to the Annual Planner for Sport. No more paper, copy-pasting and wasting time.

And that’s not all. I am also showing how to easily sync your Google Calendar with the athletes so they know the schedule of the training sessions and also know what session to rate. This can work wonders for wellness questionnaire as well.

The solution showed in the video is the simplest and completely free system to get you and your squad organized. For further details about Annual Planner for Google Sheets please click HERE and HERE.


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  • 04/02/2017 at 15:50 #19192

    I´ve been working with google forms for wellness for some time. It´s really interesting their application in google sheets, is it possible to do the same in the microsoft office version of the annual planner?

    Thank you very much!

    05/02/2017 at 20:09 #19194

    You probably can by using the Data Connector and pulling the data in

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