Percent-Based to Velocity-Based Converter 2.0 [Excel Workbook + Video Training]

Percent-Based to Velocity-Based Converter 2.0

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Kurt Lewin

In the following video I am explaining how to use Excel converter to convert percent-based programs to velocity-based programs based on lifters load-velocity profile for a given movement.

I am covering some important ‘rules’ and relationships of velocity-based approach to strength training, like load-velocity profiles, minimal-velocity threshold, “reps-in-tank velocity relationship”.

The new version of the converter includes conversion from velocity-based to percent-based approach using load-velocity profile and %1RM-max reps profile. This is important since it allows coaches to get easier ‘grip’ on velocity-based approach and how it could be used and converted.

To refresh your understanding please read the following articles:

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Below the video Complementary Training members can find and download the Percent-Based to Velocity-Based Converter 2.0.

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1 In the video I stated that Volta said this, but I cannot find it anywhere online. Apparently Kurt Lewin said it.

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