Playing with R, ggplot2 and knitr

Playing with R, ggplot2 and knitr

Over the last month I have been learning R programming language that is completely FREE and used extensively in statistics and data analysis. I have been also playing with ggplot2 which is a great graphics package for R, along with knitr which was used to produce this blog post/report.

In this short demo, besides bragging with my newly acquired skillz, I wanted to give an example for power calculation in uniform (same speed) circular motion for my friend Michael Clarkson from UK. This was a part of our discussion on difference between running at the same velocity on a straight line, and running on that same velocity in the circle (air resistanc disregarded) in terms of Power production. In the simple dot mass model, in which we are going to represent human body with a dot with a mass of m we are going to disregard air resistance, body oscilations and limb movements. According to this simple model, because the velocity is same all the time, the Power output will be zero. Of course, this is not the case in real life.

The goal of this exercise is to play with vector multiplication and to check if the power is different than zero in uniform circular motion.

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