Running Based Intervals – Velocities Table

Running Based Intervals – Velocities Table

This is a simple Excel workbook with classified methods I always use when it comes to running based intervals and cross-training. It allows you to save your favourite HIIT drills, but also to easily calculate the running distances based on individual MAS results.

Most of the intervals in the file are based on work by Dan Baker, Joel Jamieson, Martin Buchheit plus some of my tweaks.


Please note that ratios between %HRmax, MAS, v30-15IFT, VT1, VT2 are on average – individuals tend to vary. Look at this as guidelines and use your common sense and experience to adapt it.


Since the previous version I have updated the Excel file and added the typical workouts for the categories.

Feel free to modify it further and/or attach your own methods. You can easily modify the yellow field and the template will automatically calculate the paces.

Complementary Training members can find and download the Excel workbook below.

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