• “I first came across one of Mladen’s articles on periodization back in 2008 when I was in grad school. Since then I followed Mladen’s work on his website and utilized some of his training spreadsheets. The quality of work Mladen puts out is quite impressive. Mladen has one of the brightest minds in the human performance business."
    John Shackleton
    John ShackletonStrength and Conditioning Coach, Villanova Basketball
  • "I love reading Mladen's info. Mladen has developed an international perspective that few in the world can match. The best info from Europe, North America and Australia is featured all in one space, Complementary Training website."
    Michael Boyle
    Michael BoyleStrength and Conditioning Coach
  • "Mladen is a very gifted thinker in this field and he delivers on the complementary idea. He has done so in a way that impacts the way I solve training problems, but even more, the way I think about those problems. Complementary training is a simple idea, but most groundbreaking ideas are. The thought of methods, techniques, and styles as being complementary instead of in opposition is refreshing. But even more importantly, I've found it to be very effective in the real world."
    Mike Tuchscherer
    Mike TuchschererReactive Training Systems
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