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“Complementary Training is a must-read website for any strength & conditioning coach, but especially those who work with mixed sports such as field sports (soccer, rugby, NRL, AFL, hockey), court sports (tennis, squash, basketball, ice-hockey), or intermittent short-duration sports (fight sports, surfing, etc.). Do yourself a favor and read it!”

Dan Baker, PhD
ASCA President, Adjunct Lecturer, Edith Cowan University, Master Coach of Elite Athlete Strength & Conditioning (ASCA)

“I love reading the info on the Complementary Training blog. Mladen has developed an international perspective that few in the world can match. The best info from Europe, North America, and Australia are featured all in one space, Complementary Training website.”

Michael Boyle
Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Complementary Training is a simple idea, but most groundbreaking ideas are. The thought of methods, techniques, and styles as complementary instead of opposition is refreshing. But even more importantly, I’ve found it to be very effective in real life.”

Mike Tuchscherer
Reactive Training Systems

“I like the energy of Mladen to challenge a broad range of topics, using both an evidence-based approach and his critical mind in Complementary Training blog”

Martin Buchheit, PhD
Sport Scientist, Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

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