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  • Velocity Based Strength Training Workshop

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 28/06/2015

    I knew I was preaching to the choir of experienced coaches, so I wanted to cover practical applications of the VBT as one “novel” way of prescribing and controlling training. I thought live testing would be much more appreciated than fancy graphs and theory, as it would also show the problems of “when the rubber meets the road” issues...

  • Adjusting High-Reps Percentages for Lower Body Lifts

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 23/06/2015

    A little piece of me dies every time I see someone prescribing same percentage for high reps sets (i.e. 70% x 10reps) for upper (e.g. bench press) and lower body (e.g. back squat) lifts. This is much harder to be completed for the lower body exercises, and in my opinion because we don’t take into account the bodyweight lifted.

  • Training Stress Balance: Adjusting the Training Load

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 17/06/2015

    This is a follow up on the recent posts regarding Training Stress Balance (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). In this post I discuss a way to adjust (cumulative) chronic training load using training monotony and ratio between Acute Training Load and Chronic Training Load.

    I believe that this method should be used to provide some context for the training…

  • via Negativa

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 12/06/2015

    There has been a lot of talk regarding Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile book lately. One of the first was David Tenney, and then Steve Magness and finally Martin Bingisser. Anyway, the book is definitely a must read – I use to say that I’ve learned most about coaching and sport science from books that don’t have direct connection with coaching...

  • NEW: Strength Card Builder 3.2

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 08/06/2015

    I am very glad to announce new version of Strength Card Builder. In this version I have added Print Athletes function that allows you to print training workout cards for the bulk of your athletes with one click. This is very easy way of generating individualized printouts for your athletes.

  • Horizontal~Vertical Variations in Strength Training

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 05/06/2015

    If you are interested in Daily Undulating Periodization, strength training, variability and periodization in general, you will find this video interesting. I welcome all the comments and critiques.