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  • Random Thoughts on Skill Acquisition and Practice

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 13/05/2015

    Are you familiar with Block, Random, Fixed and Variable practices? Which one is the best for skill acquisition and retention? What about practicing under fatigue? Find the answers in this short random-thoughts article

  • Microsoft Applications as Ultimate Athlete Management System

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 07/05/2015

    In the following article I am discussing Microsoft applications that could be used to create Athlete Management software, such as SharePoint Online, PowerBi and so forth. I believe in the months to come Microsoft will strengthen his position as Business Intelligence leader and it is definitely as must to get familiar with the new tools.

  • Velocity-Based Training: Signal vs. Noise

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/04/2015

    This is a R workbook using my older bench press data, in which I want to discuss Signal vs. Noise of Velocity-Based Training (VBT) measurements. This could be used for future reliability studies. The goal is to compare within-individual variations of velocity over load-velocity relationship (noise) with smallest practical velocity difference (in my opinion difference in velocities across nRM,…

  • Interview with Greg Nuckols

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 15/04/2015

    Interview with Greg Nuckols If you are not familiar with Greg Nuckols, shame on you. Greg is fascinating lifter and even better writer that manages to cut through the noise to understand what really makes a performance difference. He managed to reconcile thinking and thinkering (as Taleb would say), both theory and heuristics, both theory and practice of strength training....

  • Non-responders: are they really?

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 09/04/2015

    Latest obsession of the researches is individual variation in training responses. The motivation behind this approach (known and emphasized in theory of training as individualization principle) is the creation of personalized medicine or personalized training.

    Unfortunately, sometimes we see these individual differences (in treatment reaction), although they are artefacts of within-individual typical variation/error of measurement and regression to the mean.

  • Interview with the best Serbian MMA coach – Mark Lajhner

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 05/04/2015

    Mark is my close friend and my MMA coach from Belgrade, Serbia. He is truly one of a kind – he is the best MMA coach Serbia has to offer, he is philosophically inclined and skeptic, entrepreneur and genuinely nice guy. He is interested in world history and politics, monetary system and everything else that should be of interest…

  • Strength Card Builder v3.1 and FREE Annual Planner

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 02/04/2015

    New updated version of Strength Card Builder v3.1 and completely FREE Annual Planner for Sport (without Analytics)

  • Allegory of the Cave and Performance Analysis

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/03/2015

    Allegory of the Cave and Performance Analysis “Plato has Socrates describe a gathering of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to designate names to these shadows....

  • R Playbook: Introduction to Mixed-Models

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 24/03/2015

    I just started reading more about mixed-models (multilevel/hierarchical) and will use this as a playbook. Mostly because I learn the best by experimenting with the data and I suggest everyone to try to do the same. So please note that this is just a published playbook – if you find it useful, great, if you find some errors, please…

  • What Drives Human Performance?

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 19/03/2015

    In the recent great TED talk, David Epstein raised a question are the athletes really getting faster, better or stronger, and provided compelling evidence that they are not (or not as much we would like), but rather it is technology that propels the results forward. In this article I share some of my viewpoints.