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  • Podcast #4: Interview with Mike Boyle

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 30/06/2016

    In episode four of Complementary Training podcast, I am speaking to Mike Boyle. There is no need to introduce Mike. Love him or hate him, he is one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches and authors in the field.

  • Training Load–Injury Paradox (Research Review)

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/06/2016

    In the following article I am reviewing very interesting article by Windt, Gabbett et al.: “Training load–injury paradox: is greater preseason participation associated with lower in-season injury risk in elite rugby league players?”.

  • Resistance Bands (Not Just for Your Grandma)

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 26/06/2016

    Trainers, group exercise instructors, these are great ideas for your classes and clients. If you need 15 people to stand in the center of a room with bands and get a workout in, this is it!

  • Testing and Training Agility in Sports [Part 4]

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 26/06/2016

    Agility is defined as an independent motor skill. The previous studies lead to the conclusion that there is very little positive transfer between the straight line speed and agility (i.e. change of direction speed), which basically means that the development of agility requires a specific training.

  • More Advanced Daily Undulating Programming

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 19/06/2016

    In this video I am expanding on the idea of using multiple set and reps schemes across movement patterns under undulating umbrella. For example, how can we utilize undulating approach with the goal of developing hypertrophy for the upper body and strength for the lower body?

  • Podcast #3: Interview with David Watts

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 16/06/2016

    In episode three of Complementary Training podcast, I am going to talk to David Watts. David is Elite Level Strength and Conditioning coach from Brisbane Australia. He is currently employed as S&C coach at Queensland Academy of Sport where he works for over 6 years with athlete from a wide variety of sports.

  • Is Talent Identification BS?

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 15/06/2016

    Yes, talent identification is BS! There, I’ve said it. Not because there is no talent, but because we are unable to predict it. I believe that most talent ID and development programs are waste of money and maybe counterproductive in actually developing the talent.

  • Individualizing Training Using Clustering Algorithms

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 10/06/2016

    The goal of this blog post is to present simple solution to “grouping” individuals based on their needs, characteristics and/or goals.