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  • Sports Vacancies in June 2020

    By on 31/05/2020

    Here are the best sports jobs in the market. During June, we will continuously update the list. Please share and let’s get the word out!

  • Mesocycles Course – Lesson 2: Linear Periodization

    By on 29/05/2020

    Linear Periodization is one of the most widely used planning strategies but at the same time one of the most confusing. In this video, Mike Tuchscherer clears some confusion and provides a rationale for when and how to use linear periodization in strength training planning.

  • Start Your Membership – Special Offer: $1 for 31 Days

    By on 25/05/2020

    Get instant access to your favorite content! Join us today for JUST $1 and claim your membership bonuses.

  • Mobility as a Warm Up Routine

    By on 22/05/2020

    We warm up to prepare our bodies for physical exertion. Several studies have found benefits of including a structured warm-up into training, which provides for increased heart rate, blood flow, increased body temperature, faster muscular contraction, etc. The body is thus prepared for the upcoming workout or competition, both physically and mentally.

  • Mesocycles Course – Lesson 1: Programming Structure

    By on 15/05/2020

    Before jumping right into linear, block, and other periodizations strategies, it is important to understand the “programming structure”. In this video Mike Tuchscherer outlines his “Six Steps” system that is necessary for building a training cycle, as well as understanding different frameworks.

  • Set and Rep Schemes (Part 5): Grinding Schemes

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 07/05/2020

    In this final instalment of the Set and Rep schemes video series I am walking you through an Excel workbook that allows you to create your own set and rep schemes based on the ideas presented in the previous videos and Perc Drop and RIR Inc progression approaches.

  • Microcycles Course – Module 6: GPP Programming

    By on 04/05/2020

    In this module, Mike Tuchscherer explains his viewpoints on General Physical Preparation (GPP) methods for powerlifters and other strength specialists.

  • Microcycles Course – Advanced RTS Concepts

    By on 01/05/2020

    In this module, Mike Tuchscherer continues with the Reactive Training System (RTS) concepts presented in the previous video with the aim of putting more tools in your toolbox (i.e., means and methods).