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  • Altitude Training

    By on 30/11/2022

    Since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics held at 2300m, altitude training has become an integral part of an elite athlete's arsenal aiming to achieve peak performance. Although the validity of altitude training for elite athletes has continued to be debated, the proposed adaptations cannot be underestimated.

  • Sports Vacancies in December 2022

    By on 30/11/2022

    Here are the best sports jobs in the market. During December, we will continuously update the list. Please share, and let’s get the word out!

  • Optimal Force-Velocity Profile for Sprinting: Is it all bollocks? – Part 3

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 21/11/2022

    In the next two parts of this article series, I will explain how the optimization of the Force-Velocity Profile (FVP) works. Before jumping into FVP optimization, I will first explain the same reasoning using the Acceleration-Velocity Profile (AVP) since it is easier to comprehend.

  • Cold Water Immersion as a Recovery Strategy in High-Performance Athletes

    By on 15/11/2022

    In this video presentation, I dive into the research of CWI as a recovery method in high-performance athletes, firstly establishing its perceived need due to demanding training programs while also establishing the physiological basis of how cold therapies affect recovery processes.

  • HRV4Training Pro Review

    By on 03/11/2022

    We are more than happy to announce the collaboration with the HRV4Training Pro. Currently, more than 150 000 people across the globe are using HRV4Training to measure physiological stress and better understand how their body responds to daily stressors, from training to lifestyle.