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Always Stay Critical Column

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 11

    By on 26/05/2023

    In this episode, Dan explores increasing resilience and robustness in preventing ACL injuries during sidesteps. He examines the influence of constraints and a multi-disciplinary approach, discusses motor capacity's role in movement, and questions the efficacy of training perceptual-cognitive skills. It emphasizes preparing athletes for "worst-case" scenarios and includes a sidestep progression video.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 10

    By on 23/05/2022

    This is another excellent rant by Dan on how to decipher research better. In the following article and video, he will show you some disclaimers about the data from one of his Ph.D. studies.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 9

    By on 23/03/2022

    In this episode, we will look at a cross-sectional within-subject study looking at biomechanical differences between the BSS and BS. Or, in more general terms, single-leg vs. double-leg exercises.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 8

    By on 30/01/2022

    In this episode, Daniel reviews Petushek et al. (2021) and the value of assessing movement quality to determine its relationship with injury risk.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 7

    By on 11/11/2021

    In this episode, Daniel reviews the relative contribution of muscle and tendon work in vertical jump tasks between good and poor performers by McBride (2021) and how this should impact our training foci.