Analysis of Metabolic Power Data Using Power-Duration Profile in Team Sports

Analysis of Metabolic Power Data Using Power-Duration Profile in Team Sports


This is the idea I got from the Training and Racing with a Powermeter book by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan. It is an excellent and must read book on cycling, but also great book about endurance training in general.

The idea behind Power-Duration profile is that we collect instantenous Metabolic Power (in this case using GPS and tracking players) over certain period of time (e.g. one to two months duration each) and try to find maximal average MP of different durations (e.g. 5sec, 30sec, 60sec, 5min, 20min, 40min). Then we plot this and we get some insight on power cababilities of a given individual over a given time.

If we repeat this process for later period, we can compare change of the profile or selecte spots (5sec, 30sec, 5min and so forth). Although this is expression of one’s capacities, by the rule of big numbers and semi-stable weekly training structures in team sports, we can gain some insights on change and individual capacities WITHOUT performing any formal tests.

Example with Catapult data

I will use the same data set as I have used in Real-Time Fatigue Monitoring using Metabolic Power and CP/W’

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