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Athlete Monitoring: Data Analysis and Visualization – AthleteSR

Athlete Monitoring: Data Analysis and Visualization


The idea for this course started when I developed an athlete monitoring Shiny dashboard for the AthleteSR, which is our app for athlete management (FREE for the Complementary Training members). The goal was to have a formalized way to analyze and visualize the data for our developers, so they can implement it in the AthleteSR.

But then I stumbled on a few issues. I had to make the analysis and the code generic since I was dealing with user-created surveys and not a built-in survey. So, my code had to provide for flexibility and generalisability across different survey implementations. I decided to pack this into the R package. Then, the idea for this course was born. I had to explain the generalizations and the athletemonitoring, as well as the athlete monitoring data visualizations.

Thus, as it is the tradition now in the Complementary Training community, we develop tools first, then course around those tools, which allows our members to solve their problems with ease.

Anyway, this was a short rationale for this course. In this video, I am demonstrating the AthleteSR and how easy is to sync the data into R to be further analyzed using the athletemonitoring package.

In the next video, I will walk you through the AthleteSR dashboard in Shiny, which makes this process more automatic (and more visually appealing).

Athlete Monitoring Course

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