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Athlete Training and Health Internship

Athlete Training and Health Internship

Curriculum Overview

Athlete Training and Health internship ATH Certified (ATH-C) is a 12-week curriculum designed to provide hands-on practical coaching experience, supported by three educational monthly modules each consisting of four weekly sub-sections focusing on both theoretical and practical applications led by a coach within the training center.

Participants of the ATH-C internship will be required to work a scheduled 30-40 hours per week with mandatory attendance required during module overviews, weekly topics and will be continually assessed on a competency-based model. Upon completion of the ATH – C internship successful applicants may apply to ATH partner University, Auckland University of Technology to avail of Postgraduate Masters Credit. Upon successful completion of the ATH-C internship applicants may be considered for available part-time on or off-site assistant performance coach positions or upcoming full-time ATH-C Mentorship performance coach positions.

Monthly Modules

Module I – The Art of Coaching – Move and Motivate

The first module of the internship will increase the intern’s hands-on coaching experience. All interns will be exposed to different coaching environments and should effectively be able to assist performance coaches in every offering of the Student and Forever Athlete programs by the end of module 1. The learning emphasis will focus on upskilling coaches both practically and theoretically on warm-ups, cool downs, progressions, and regressions for plyometric, speed, and strength exercises.

Module II – Enhancing Athletic Capabilities – Assessment, Interpretation and Prescription

The second module of the internship will increase the interns to the ability to assess, interpret and prescribe exercises in line with the ATH training philosophy for all aspects of the Student and Forever Athlete program as it pertains to warm up, speed agility, and quickness (SAQ) and strength-related activities. As interns show increased proficiency in both their understanding of the curriculum and implementing it in their coaching, they will have increased opportunities to lead more of the training sessions.

Module III – Developing a Professional Coaching Brand

The third module of the internship focuses on periodization and programming while building the intern’s professional portfolio. Specific professional activities such as reviewing each intern resume and cover letters and guest speakers will help to promote networking and industry exposure. The internship will conclude with an assessment via the presentation of the intern’s ability to successfully program a 4-week microcycle of training based upon knowledge gained across the 3 modules, this is designed to also aid the intern’s presentation and communication skills.

Weekly Overview

Module I – The Art of Coaching

  • Week 1 – Internship overview, expectations and introduction to ATH pathway
  • Week 2 – Warm-up and cool downs
  • Week 3 – Strength progressions and regressions
  • Week 4 – Coaching video and practical coaching assessment

Module II – Enhancing Athletic Capabilities – Assessment, interpretation and prescription

  • Week 5 – Anthropometric, movement ability and exercise competency
  • Week 6 – Plyometric and sprint ability
  • Week 7 – Strength, power, and endurance development
  • Week 9 – Evaluation assessment

Module III – Developing a Professional Coaching Brand

  • Week 9 – Programming and Periodization • Practical Workshop – Olympic lifting
  • Week 10 – An insight into the industry (Guest Speaker) • Practical Workshop – Resume and cover letter builder
  • Week 11 – Nutrition, sleep and exercise
  • Week 12 – Program design assessment and final reflection

The start date for the internship is May 16th, 2022, and will run until August 13th, 2022.

Closing Date: 2nd May 2022




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