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AthleteSR – New Membership Benefit

Exclusively: AthleteSR App is Now Free for All Members of Complementary Training Community

Have you ever imagined you only needed one tool to effectively manage your whole team, and every single athlete at the same time? AthleteSR App may likely be that ONE tool.

Managing a team can be overwhelming, especially considering the lack of time between training sessions and games, many variables to juggle with on a team scale, physical differences between athletes, and their individual personalities, needs, and preferences.

If you ever managed a team of any size, you will recognize these and similar issues. You are probably aware that it consumes your time professionally and personally in order to get everything and everyone in line, and it takes the focus off of the most important thing – training and preparing for the next competition, game, or match.

Manage the Team Effortlessly with AthleteSR App

With all that in mind, we’ve developed an app that acts like background personnel and your personal assistant. It enables you to get a hold of your team, taking grand scale into account but also tracking all minor, yet relevant factors.

With this app, you can schedule and notify the whole team (athletes and staff) within a click, gather individual reports from every athlete after an event (training or a game), export and analyze the results, and all that with as little effort as possible.

Through collaboration with numerous sports teams, coaches, and sports scientists, we’ve come to the conclusion that one multipurpose tool can be an answer to all needs of managing a team and we’ve developed AthleteSR App. Trying to be as detailed as possible, this app allows you to manage a team and all the athletes regardless of the team size and sports activity it’s engaged in.

With AthleteSR you will be able to:

  • Manage multiple teams within your organization
  • Schedule all events with intuitive and interactive calendar
  • Notify your athletes and other staff members about all changes within the team schedule
  • Create custom and detailed surveys (relevant to a specific training, game or a meeting)
  • Collect valuable data
  • Synchronize the results with 3rd party apps
  • Get in-depth team insight by analyzing gathered survey results
  • Improve athlete’s and team’s performance

For all members of the Complementary Training community, we have created a special plan that includes 1 manager, 3 staff members, and 25 athletes. During your membership, you can use this plan as well as the AthleteSR application for FREE!

If it fits your requirements, that’s great, but if the number of users exceeds your needs, any of AthleteSR usage plans can be acquired for 20% OFF for all our members.

If you like the idea of handling everything your team requires in just one multipurpose app, try AthleteSR and watch your team progress.

Members of the Complementary Training can find the button bellow through which they can complete the registration process and use AthleteSR for free. Just login to your account and the registration button will appear.

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