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Athletic Performance Director

Athletic Performance Director

Athlete Training and Health

Position Summary:

The primary role of the Athletic Performance Director (APD) is to ensure that all coaching and non-coaching hours are reflective of the highest standard. The APD is responsible for monitoring and evaluating all coaching, education, and performance-related administration, both internal and external, among the performance coaching staff. All aspects should be delegated appropriately when necessary to ensure the development of all performance coaches in a scalable and productive manner. Blending a desire for a high-quality with strategic vision, business acumen, leadership, and self-directed initiatives are key characteristics in pursuing growth and synergy within ATH and externally in collaboration with its partners and affiliates. This role is the heartbeat of the performance coaching staff to ensure synergy between the coaching staff and other departments.

Primary Responsibilities:


  1. Responsible for the overall development of Rebuild and Next Level Athlete training programs. Ensure the scalability of both training programs while ensuring high quality through supervision of coaching and programming. APD will primarily coach 1:1 and qualitative group aspects of both training programs

Development of Training Programs and Coaches (Internal and External)

  1. Oversee all training programs within the training center, working closely with Senior Performance Coaches to ensure all aspects (Internal and External) of Student, Forever, and Team Athlete Training Programs are being run appropriately at a high standard.
  2. Oversee all 3 educational tiers of coach development with specific input each month on coordinating and evaluating performance coaches completing the mentorship. Performance Administration
  3. Ensure staff relations are maintained and balanced across departments within the training center, with corporate staff, and with partners and affiliates specific to the given location.

Breakdown of Role:

Closing Date: 30th April 2022

Location: North Houston, TX, US




Co-founder of Complementary Training, sports enthusiast and former basketball player.

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