Battle Rope Drills & Progressions

Battle Rope Drills & Progressions


When I was with Hammarby we decided to purchase battle ropes to workout the injured guys, or for some extra cross-training for reserves. Not sport-specific?
Agree, but sometimes you need to perform non-specific activities (e.g. with lower body injury) and plug them in a specific circuit, etc. Anyway, not a topic of today’s discussion.

Unfortunately, the battle ropes I bought were heavy as hell, and anything longer than 15′ work would burn the crap out of average soccer guy (including me). So I have presented simple progression we utilized and some drills for easy pick-up.

I found battle ropes to be pretty good tool for upper body conditioning (and core works as hell) that could be used with combat athletes and also represent good cross training tool in your toolbox.

Click on the image below to download PDF document.

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