Beep Test and Yo Yo Test Scores Conversion Using Excel - Complementary Training
Beep Test and Yo Yo Test Scores Conversion Using Excel

Beep Test and Yo Yo Test Scores Conversion Using VLOOKUP – Part 1

Danish soccer physiologist, Jens Bangsbo, was the one who has developed a yo yo test. Yo yo test is actually a variation of the beep test and it is used mainly for evaluation of aerobic endurance fitness of an individual.

Below you can find another educative video by Excel Tricks for Sports. In Part 1, they are showing you a quick look into the VLOOKUP and IFERROR using the example of Beep Test and YoYo Test Data.

Here is a preview of the yo yo test results.

Yo Yo Test Results

Watch the video below to find out more about yoyo test scores conversion.

yo yo test download freeClick Here to Download the Example Workbook

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