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Best of Complementary Training in 2017

Best of Complementary Training in 2017

What a year this 2017 was! So many wonderful things happened and continue to happen. To keep up with the tradition (like we did in 2016, 2015 and 2014), I am providing a short overview of the best from Complementary Training in 2017

Membership Benefits

We have established a collaboration with Ultimate Athlete Concept book publisher, Athletes Acceleration company that produced Complete Sports Conditioning and Complete Core courses by Mike Boyle, as well as ALTIS for their Foundation Course and ALTIS 360 platform and we have achieved discounts for our members. We are planning to expand membership benefits, in order to include more discounted products and services for Complementary Training members.


We have launched our first web application AthleteSR. This app allows you to organize your schedule, as well as to collect subjective ratings of your athletes. If you wonder what SR stands for – it is ScheduleR and Subjective Ratings. In the first quarter of 2018, we plan to expand the platform to include the team hierarchy, as well as analytics and dashboard module, even the stand alone iPhone app, so watch this space for updates.

The Book

While I was in the training camp, in Cyprus, with FK RAD in January 2017, I started working on a book. I continued working on it while being one month on Thailand, Phuket and training Muay Thai at Tiger, which I plan to visit again soon. I’ve met tremendous amount of high quality people there, traveling alone as myself.

I keep writing chapters of the book that are published on Complementary Training under “My Book” tag. I am just finishing the strength training chapter, and I hope to finish the first draft before the summer 2018. During the Polish S&C Conference that I was part of, I spoke with Ron McKeefery, regarding wether to go with a publisher or to self-publish. I am still indecisive – trying to complete it first. But I know that editing end revising will be a major pain in the arse, so I would rather leave that to a professional (although Ron said – you can hire one, rather than going with the publishing company).

Shuttle Run Beep Test

I have created an R script that compiles Shuttle Run Beep Test, allowing you to modify shuttle distances, durations and progression of the stages, as well as change of direction (COD) corrections. There is no Shuttle Run Beep test out there that corrects for CODs, which allows you to use the MAS score (Maximum Aerobic Speed), to perform HIT conditioning in both straight-ahead and shuttle-based fashions.


We started aggregating S&C, Sport Science and physical therapy job vacancies, in order to connect and help all our faithful readers and members. Furthermore, we have managed to become one of the leading aggregators online. In order to help the organizations and people from our community even more, we are planning to expand this to another level. You will hear about this soon enough.


I have started my PhD at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in 2016 and managed to finish the first year with summa cum laude grades. I have decided on my PhD topic recently, and I wrote an initial draft of the research proposal. It will involve Velocity Based Training and load-velocity research. I am waiting for the two GymAware units from Australia to start collecting the data. I am hoping to have three papers published (or at least accepted) in 2018.

I was also given a permission from Port Adelaide Football Club to use GPS data and publish injury prediction paper with my ex boss who is now Director of High Performance at Arsenal FC, Darren Burgess. It is going to be plenty of writing in 2018.

Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced

Excel wizard John Lythe decided to share his amazing Excel course for S&C coaches. This course is available for Complementary Training members and it represents a great way to learn Excel, from beginner to advanced levels.

Guest Articles

We want to expand Complementary Training and attract authors to share their articles. We managed to get the ball rolling in 2017 and we hope to increase collaboration with other authors in 2018. There are a few guest articles in the pipe line, and here is the list of all guest posts from 2017:

  1. Sprint & Tempo Profile by Dylan Hicks
  2. Velocity Based Training Tips for Newbies: VBT Quick Start Guide by Alex V
  3. Latest on Load Monitoring by Sean William
  4. The Governing Dynamics of Coaching – A Unified Field Theory of Sport Preparation by James Smith
  5. ‘Cool Story, Bro’ – The Fallacy of Training Systems and Conventional Wisdom on Training Prescription by Paul Gamble
  6. Manifest: Against Pseudoscience-infected Training Theory and Methodology by José Afonso el al.
  7. Programming of Jumps, Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Throws by Keir Wenham-Flatt
  8. Player Tracking Technology: Half-Full or Half-Empty Glass? Or maybe there is no glass at all by Alex Oviawe
  9. Perceived and True Shortcomings of Movement Training by Dragan Milojević
  10. Rugby Strength Programming Philosophy by Keir Wenham-Flatt

Best Articles of 2017

Here is our list of the best articles in 2017. We believe that they brought the biggest value to our readership (besides the above mentioned products). There will be much more quality content in 2018, especially since I plan to publish all the book’s chapters online as well.

  1. Annual Planner for Google Sheets
  2. Uncertainty, Heuristics and Injury Prediction
  3. Agile Periodization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  4. Manifest: Against Pseudoscience-infected Training Theory and Methodology
  5. Microcycle Planning for Team Sports
  6. Framework for Analyzing & Planning the Strength Training
  7. Undulating Mixed Strength Program
  8. VBT, Heuristics and Prilepin
  9. Managing the High Performance Teams
  10. How to Create Team Training Schedule With Just a Few Clicks
  11. Managing Teams With Trello
  12. How to Analyze Training Load and Monitoring Data?
  13. Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Establishing 1RMs
  14. Physical Preparation for Team Sports: Weekly Plans

All book’s chapters can be easily found, by using the following label “My Book

We wish you all happy and prosperous New Year and a lot success on both professional and personal fields!


I am a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia, grew up in Pula, Croatia (which I consider my home town). I was involved in physical preparation of professional, amateur and recreational athletes of various ages in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts and tennis. Read More »

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