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  • Maximising Performance: The Crucial Link between Sleep and Nutrition in Adolescent Athletes

    By on 13/07/2023

    Discover the connection between sleep and nutrition in adolescent athletes in this compelling article by Lorcan Mason. Uncover evidence-based strategies and expert insights to optimize sleep quality and proper nutrition, unlocking the full potential of young athletes. Learn how prioritizing these two essential elements can enhance performance, aid recovery, and promote overall well-being.

  • Tapering Physiology

    By on 09/04/2023

    The goal of any elite athlete or coach is to maximise the training adaptations in order to achieve pinnacle performance during competition (Grivas, 2018; Le Meur, Hausswirth and Mujika, 2012; Tonnessen et al., 2014).

  • A Deep Dive Into Athlete Monitoring: Background, Context and Practical Applications

    By on 23/12/2022

    Within current professional sport, the monitoring of athletes has become a cornerstone of the daily training schedule. The monitoring systems implemented by the sports science & medicine departments within clubs are dependent on its ability to reliability and accurately quantify the training dose and the individual response to the training dose of each player.

  • Altitude Training

    By on 30/11/2022

    Since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics held at 2300m, altitude training has become an integral part of an elite athlete's arsenal aiming to achieve peak performance. Although the validity of altitude training for elite athletes has continued to be debated, the proposed adaptations cannot be underestimated.

  • Cold Water Immersion as a Recovery Strategy in High-Performance Athletes

    By on 15/11/2022

    In this video presentation, I dive into the research of CWI as a recovery method in high-performance athletes, firstly establishing its perceived need due to demanding training programs while also establishing the physiological basis of how cold therapies affect recovery processes.

  • Developing a Philosophy for Life & Coaching

    By on 14/10/2022

    Establishing a philosophy is a fundamental process not only for coaching but for life itself. This philosophy underpins your everyday actions and behaviours and influences how you react to specific situations and environments that you may encounter throughout your life.

  • Resisted Sprinting and Its Role in Developing Sprinting Performance

    By on 06/10/2022

    The skill of sprinting is a key performance determining factor whether that be directly in track and field, or indirectly in team sports. This can be broken down into three phases: the acceleration phase, the maximum velocity (MV) phase and the deceleration phase.

  • Sleep, Sleep Deprivation & the Role of Napping: A Brief Introduction

    By on 15/09/2022

    Sleep is an essential component in the ability to achieve peak performance due to its integral role in the restoration and recovery processes. To learn more about the subject, read this excellent article by Lorcan Mason.

  • The Science of Gaelic Football

    By on 01/09/2022

    Gaelic football is one of the most played sports in Ireland & is organized & governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association and holds amateur status. The sport is far from amateur in nature, with players training up to 5x per week, following a demanding training schedule.

  • Nutritional Considerations for Ultra-Endurance Runners

    By on 25/07/2022

    Ultra-endurance sports have been classified by a winning time ≥ 6 hours, however, some authors suggest that any event ≥ 4 hours can be defined as ultra-endurance. Thus, for the purpose of this critical essay, ultra-endurance running performance will be defined as any event ≥ 4 hours or those in excess of a distance of a traditional marathon (>42.2-km).