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  • Unveiling Our New Look: Complementary Training’s Logo Redesign and Website Upgrade

    By on 02/06/2024

    We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned logo and website for Complementary Training! Our fresh logo reflects our evolution and growth, symbolizing the endless flow of knowledge and opportunities. Additionally, on June 5, 2024, we will migrate to our new site, which will be temporarily unavailable for a few hours. This upgrade aims to enhance...

  • Effects of the Flying Start on Estimated Short Sprint Profiles Using Timing Gates

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 27/05/2024

    Over the last few years, I have been working on the short sprints profiling, thanks to the initial spark in 2020/21 by prof. Jason Vescovi who sent me a sample data. This resulted in the {shorts} R package hosted at the official CRAN repository, as well as few published papers (and few more in preparation), as well as the...

  • New Open-Access Paper Published in Sensors Journal

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 22/05/2024

    We have just published an open-access paper in the Sensors journal regarding the effect of the flying start on the estimated short sprint parameters using timing gates.

  • ExLib 1.2 – New Version is Available

    By on 15/04/2024

    Discover the newest release, ExLib 1.2, packed with enhancements tailored for trainers and coaches. This update includes streamlined access to exercise names, a comprehensive Excel training template, and an expanded database.

  • Fifteen Traps That Youth Coaches Often Fall Into

    By on 12/04/2024

    This article outlines common mistakes made by youth sports coaches, including prioritizing winning over development and neglecting the need for fun and individualized coaching approaches. It emphasizes the importance of a child-focused and adaptable coaching strategy for the long-term benefit of young athletes.

  • The Effect of Wearable-Based Real-Time Feedback on Running Injuries

    By on 11/03/2024

    An increasing number of runners use wearables that provide real-time feedback. But is this feedback actually effective at improving performance and reducing injury risk? In this blog, I will briefly discuss the effects of wearable-based real-time feedback on running injury risk.

  • The Effect of Wearable-Based Real-Time Feedback on Running Economy and Running Technique

    By on 24/02/2024

    Runners increasingly use wearables for real-time feedback. But does it enhance performance and lower injury risk? Bas Van Hooren explores the impact of running economy and technique in this must-read article.

  • The Best of Complementary Training in 2023

    By on 31/12/2023

    Reflecting on the year 2023, we’re excited to share the articles that resonated most with our community. These posts represent the best of sports science, technology, and practical insights from 2023. Dive in and discover why these made the top of the list!

  • ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 1

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/11/2023

    In this article, I share my challenging road to recovery, from a severe motorcycle accident to the decision to undergo surgery. This post is a perfect read for those facing similar challenges or interested in sports medicine and rehab.

  • ExLib 1.1 – New Version is Available

    By on 20/11/2023

    Creating the 1.0 version was a journey spanning over three years, and I’m excited to introduce the first update, featuring various refinements and the inclusion of a handful of new exercises. I have added 52 new exercises to the ExLib.