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  • The Best of Complementary Training in 2023

    By on 31/12/2023

    Reflecting on the year 2023, we’re excited to share the articles that resonated most with our community. These posts represent the best of sports science, technology, and practical insights from 2023. Dive in and discover why these made the top of the list!

  • ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 1

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 29/11/2023

    In this article, I share my challenging road to recovery, from a severe motorcycle accident to the decision to undergo surgery. This post is a perfect read for those facing similar challenges or interested in sports medicine and rehab.

  • ExLib 1.1 – New Version is Available

    By on 20/11/2023

    Creating the 1.0 version was a journey spanning over three years, and I’m excited to introduce the first update, featuring various refinements and the inclusion of a handful of new exercises. I have added 52 new exercises to the ExLib.

  • Limited Offer: Strength Card Builder is Now FREE!

    By on 30/07/2023

    Are you an S&C coach or trainer seeking a tool that can help you maximize your athletes’ performance? Look no further! The Strength Card Builder is your ultimate solution for optimizing strength and conditioning programs and elevating athletic potential.

  • Markerless Motion Capture And Its Application In A Sport-Specific Setting

    By on 30/03/2023

    With exponential technological development over the last decade, markerless motion capture systems have gained a considerable amount of attention, especially within the sports community. Coaches, strength and conditioning practitioners, and sports scientists are constantly searching for testing modalities that can be used to non-invasively evaluate athletes’ performance capabilities in a time-efficient manner.

  • Thoughts Can Be Fragile, Not Your Neck

    By on 12/02/2023

    When the discussion coins around Neck Strength Training among Sports Coaches/S&Cs, it quickly resonates with the analogy of that one unpopular guy in high school/college that nobody wants to talk about. The commonly accepted training wives-tale around the topic is “oh! it’s a fragile spot, not worth the risk, buddy”. But is it really, though?

  • Published Paper on Bias in Sprint Modeling

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 01/02/2023

    I am happy to announce that my pre-print paper “Bias in estimated short sprint profiles using timing gates due to the flying start” has been published in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. This publication is my last requirement for publishing and defending my Ph.D. thesis. Hopefully, finishing everything during the first half of this year.

  • Sports Vacancies in January 2023

    By on 22/01/2023

    Here are the best sports jobs in the market. During January, we will continuously update the list. Please share, and let’s get the word out!

  • ExLib is Here and It’s FREE for Our Members!

    By on 18/01/2023

    We bring you a brand new Complementary Training benefit thanks to our member Domen Bremec, who was more than kind to share it with the rest of the community. ExLib is the ultimate tool to help you easily build programs with videos while keeping the benefits and freedom of MS Excel.

  • Sports Vacancies in December 2022

    By on 30/11/2022

    Here are the best sports jobs in the market. During December, we will continuously update the list. Please share, and let’s get the word out!