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  • Problem With (Perceived) Reps-In-Reserve

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 09/05/2022

    The use of (perceived) reps-in-reserve (pRIR) in strength training has become one of the most prominent (subjective) auto-regulation methods. Another very common subjective auto-regulation approach that precedes pRIR, involves the use of the rate of perceived effort (or exertion), or RPE.

  • Always Stay Critical – Review 9

    By on 23/03/2022

    In this episode, we will look at a cross-sectional within-subject study looking at biomechanical differences between the BSS and BS. Or, in more general terms, single-leg vs. double-leg exercises.

  • Load-Exertion Tables And Their Use For Planning – Part 6

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 15/03/2022

    {STMr} package is created to help sports scientists and strength coaches estimate strength profiles, create and visualize (percent-based) progression tables, and set and rep schemes.

  • Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Google Sheets

    By on 14/02/2022

    You’ve noticed that all, or at least most of S&C coaches, performance analysts, and sports scientists, use Google Sheets for various purposes. There is a good reason for that. Well, not just one, and in this article, we highlight the top 6 reasons.

  • Super Total Program Is Here! Check Out This New Awesome Tool!

    By on 22/09/2021

    Thanks to our member Quinn Henoch, we bring you a brand new Complementary Training benefit. Super Total program is for any lifter looking to improve their performance. Still, this tool is also handy for any coach looking to upgrade their programming framework.

  • Systemizing and Planning the Warm-Up

    By on 14/09/2021

    You spend a lot of time warming your athletes up, rather than just tick a box on making them sweaty. Learn how Scott Kuehn systemizes and progresses his warm-ups to address a variety of athletic qualities and competencies.

  • Kiosk Mode is Here – New AthelteSR Feature

    By on 29/08/2021

    We’ve developed a brand-new feature – Kiosk Mode. This mode enables you to collect necessary information from your athletes – right after training or a game – using only one device.

  • Important News! Payment Method Change Starting July 30th, 2021

    By on 01/08/2021

    We received an official message from 2Checkout (current payment gateway) that they will no longer support direct credit card payments and subscription renewals. To find out more about the following change, please read the article.

  • Movement Prep is Here! Gear Up with Awesome New Tool!

    By on 30/07/2021

    We bring you a brand new Complementary Training benefit, thanks to our member Aleksa Bošković, who was more than kind to share it with the rest of the community.

  • Strength Training Manual Spanish Edition

    By Mladen Jovanovic on 24/07/2021

    I am more than happy to announce that the Strength Training Manual (Volume One and Two) is now available in the Spanish language in paperback and Kindle format. The book can be ordered at any Amazon website (i.e.,,,