Create Custom Set and Rep Schemes With {STMr} – Module1: Introduction - Complementary Training
Create Custom Set and Rep Schemes With {STMr} – Module1: Introduction

Create Custom Set and Rep Schemes With {STMr}

Introduction – Part 1: Theoretical Ramblings

“Hey coach, how much should I lift?”

Such a simple question demands a very complex answer. In my opinion, answering this question demands both “top-down” and “bottom-up” perspectives. From a simplistic viewpoint, the “top-down” approach deals with:

  1. Different types of lifters (i.e., strength specialists and strength generalists)
  2. Different domains – Hereby “domains” I refer to the group of goals or objectives we aim to achieve: 1) performance, 2) robustness, 3) blooks, 4) health and longevity, and probably, 5) fun as well. BTW, this is a working model.
  3. Different qualities that need to be pursued given the type of the lifter and the dominant domain
  4. Different quadrants – This is a model by Dan John, based on the number of qualities that need to be pursued and the individual level that needs to be achieved for each separate quality
  5. Training calendar constraints
  6. Training context (i.e., other training)

“Bottom-up” represents “where the rubber meets the road” perspective that deals with:

  1. Different heuristics or rules of thumb
  2. Training prescription using different models
  3. Training correction (i.e., quality control)

In this course, I will provide tools and heuristics from the “bottom-up” perspective. But before we jump straight into the {STMr} package and accompanying tools, I need to give some theoretical feedback that is required to understand the “whys” behind the percent-based prescription. Some of these will be familiar to the readers of the Strength Training Manual, but there are also some novel concepts I have been working on lately.

Create Custom Set and Rep Schemes With STMr

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Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Reps-Max Relationship

Module 3: Adjustments

Module 4: Progression Tables

Module 5: Vertical Planning

Module 6: Set and Rep Schemes

Module 7: Estimation and Individualization

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