Daily Undulating Framework (DUF)

Daily Undulating Framework (DUF)

After a long “battle” with Daily Undulating Periodization/Planning/Programming term, I decided to name it to DUF – Daily Undulating Framework, or just Undulating Framework (UF).

The most recent video Planning and Programming Strength Training Using DUP Approach created a bit of confusion, because some viewer saw it as “system” or a “solution”, where I wanted to pinpoint to it as “framework” – something that is really flexible and can adapt to different philosophies.

That is exactly what I will cover in this video, along with my concept of quadrants (stable/variable exercises and set n’ rep schemes).

I have also updated the DUP Program Template Builder for the sake of this video: I’ve made simpler program without explosive movements and carries.

If you are interested in strength training planning, you should definitely watch this video!



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