DUP Program Template Builder v4.0

DUP Program Template Builder v4.0

This program is based on multiple ideas from daily undulating programing, particularly the idea of avoiding boredom. The template is pretty much written taking into account my current needs, but it can be changed to suit your situation.

At this stage I am looking for some structure in my training, but cannot be mentally bothered to follow overly prescriptive powerlifting/powerbuilding template (like 5/3/1, Juggernaut, Starting Strength, etc.).

I wanted something that is mentally refreshing, but it still gets me training hard and produce the results. Something that Dan John would call “Punching the clock” workout.

The result is DUP Program Template Builder!

It is based on the following 4 full body workouts repeated for 2×3 cycles:


Addendum (Version 3)

I have added 2×3 workout (A&B workouts) tabs as well. This workout uses only first exercise in each category. Better option if one wants to focus on less number of exercises and workouts.

Addendum (Version 4)

Version 4 includes very simple programs (4 and 2 days) that don’t involve explosive work nor carries/sleds.

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