Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced – Module 3 - Complementary Training
Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced – Module 3

Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced

MODULE 3: Lesson 1 – Basic Charting

Today, we are presenting you a Module 3 of John’s amazing course ’’Excel Tricks for S&C Coaches: Beginner to Advanced’’. Modules 1 and 2 were really about creating the foundation and Module 3 will take you further with Excel knowledge building, with emphasis to charts, pivots & tables.The lessons that will be covered in Module 3 from Excel Tricks for Sports are the following:

  • Basic Charting (28m 37s)
  • Advanced Charting (48m 17s)
  • Charting Extras (16m 50s)
  • Debugging Chart Errors (10m 57s)
  • Excel Tables (29m 02s)
  • Pivot Tables (44m 03s)
  • Fundamentals of VBA Code (43m 28s)

Excel worked very hard over the last few releases to make sure that creating charts is easy. In this sport excel tricks module you will go through some basic and advanced charting principles, as well as charting extras.

When you are working with charts and some more complex options, it is inevitable to have a few problems along the way, so you need to solve them and figure out why it’s not giving you what you want. How to overcome these issues will be covered in Debugging Chart Errors lesson.

Excel tables are not new, they have been around awhile, but their popularity has been increasing in the recent years, especially with Excel 2013, having some quite interesting functionalities available.

Excel Tables and Pivot tables link really tightly together, so when you work with one, you tend to work with the other as well.
VBA stand for Visual Basic for Applications. It allows you to develop tools to control excel. So, you will be writing code that interacts with excel and does things for you, such as automatized processes. The great thing about excel program for sports is that you don’t need to write the code to work with the VBA.

After all of the sport excel tricks modules are covered, there are Practical Exercises where you can practise your skills and find out how much work you need to do, or how ready you are to work on projects.


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I am a former sport scientist, now I just build Excel systems and work with software tools (CRM, Salesforce, PM, Sharepoint) and technology. My day job requires me to sit between the IT department and the sports performance department to make sure that Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Nutritionists, Performance Analysts etc have the hardware and software tools they need to do their jobs. Read More »

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