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ExLib 1.1 – New Version is Available

ExLib 1.1 – New Version is Available

Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude for selecting ExLib as your primary exercise resource. Creating the 1.0 version was a journey spanning over three years, and I’m excited to introduce the first update, featuring various refinements and the inclusion of a handful of new exercises. I have added 52 new exercises to the ExLib.

If you want the new 1.1 version just make sure to re-download it from the site.

Our Premium members can instantly download ExLib for FREE, as well as Standard members who have been part of our community for at least 6 months.
All Standard members who are with us for less than that period hang on tight and download the ExLib tool free of charge as soon as you reach the 6th-month milestone.

To download the ExLib tool, please log in to your account as a member and select the “Store” item from the top menu. When the page is loaded under the product, a Download button will be displayed. Click on it to download your copy.

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Product Details

ExLib v1.1 | 1.11.2023

The list of newly added exercises is as follows:

Lower Body:

  • BB Back Squat [ECC Drop Reverse]
  • UB Squat [ECC Drop Reverse]
  • UB Squat [ECC Drop]
  • BW SL Box Squat
  • BW SL Box Squat [2-1 ECC]
  • BW High Box Step Up
  • BW High Box Step Up [ECC Only]
  • Abductor IsoPush [Manual]
  • Lateral Sled Drag
  • Mini Band Hip Abduction [ECC Drop]
  • Mini Band Hip Abduction
  • FW SL RDL [ECC Drop]
  • FW Seated Calf Raise
  • Adductor IsoPush [Manual]
  • NHE [ForcePlate]
  • SL Hip IsoPush [ForcePlate]
  • BW Lateral Leg Raise
  • BW SL Squat

Upper Body:

  • DB Side-Lying ER
  • Landmine Seated Rotational Press

Trunk & Core:

  • SL Plank
  • GHD Side Plank [Perturbations]


  • Deep Tier Heidens
  • Deep Tier Split Squat Jumps
  • Deep Tier Squat Jumps
  • Heiden COD
  • Bilateral Leaps
  • Pogo Jumps [LowBox]
  • Slantboard Medial Heiden Hop [Continuous]
  • Slantboard Medial Heiden Hop
  • SL Pogo Hops
  • Net Approach Jump [Bilateral]
  • Net Approach Jump [Unilateral]
  • Leaps [Max Height]
  • Lateral Line Jumps [Forward]
  • Horizontal Hops


  • Sprint Start [Split Step]
  • Lateral Shuffle [Crossover]
  • Lateral Run [Crossover]

Mobility & Stretch:

  • Spiderman Hip Mobility
  • Swimmer Hovers Mobility
  • Micro Stretching Series
  • Full Body Mobility 1
  • Full Body Mobility 2


  • Running [Fwd; Bck]

I trust that ExLib will speed up your planning sessions as effectively as it has for me. Please recommend it to your friends and colleagues if you find it valuable. Your support is invaluable in spreading the benefits of this tool.

P.S. Your brief review of ExLib would be greatly appreciated. In just 2-4 sentences, please share why this tool has proven beneficial, how you’ve incorporated it into your routine, and whether you believe it was the right choice for your needs. Please send them to the following email address: support@complementarytraining.net.

Your insights can assist others in making informed decisions. Thank you!


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