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ExLib 1.2 – New Version is Available

ExLib 1.2 – New Version is Available!

We’re excited to introduce the newly updated version 1.2 of ExLib!

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve made it easier for you by linking exercise names directly, allowing for effortless copying and pasting into your Excel program or other software.
  • By popular demand, we’ve attached the Excel training template featured in our Features and HowTo videos.
  • The Jump tab has been enhanced with an equipment classification to better guide your training needs.
  • This release expands our database to 1587 exercises across various categories including lower body, upper body, core, jump, speed, mobility, conditioning, and testing.
  • Look out for exercises highlighted in yellow—these are previews of what will be included in the next update. We welcome your suggestions for new exercises; please send them to domen@supertrening.si

ExLib v1.2 | 15.04.2024

Below is the list of newly added exercises, categorized by tabs:

Lower Body:

  • BB Back Squat [CON Only]
  • BB Staggered Squat [CON Only]
  • Landmine SL Lateral Zercher Squat
  • SL Partner Seated Quad Push [ECC Overload]
  • SL Partner Prone Quad Pull [ECC Overload]
  • BB Slider Glute Bridge [ECC Only]
  • BB SL Slider Glute Bridge [ECC Only]
  • KB SL Skate Glute Bridge [ECC Only]
  • KB SL Skate Glute Bridge [ECC Drop]
  • BW SL Skate Glute Bridge
  • BW SL Skate Glute Bridge [ECC Only]
  • BW SL Skate Glute Bridge [ECC Drop]
  • BW SL Skate Glute Bridge [Explosive]
  • Razor Curl [Partner]
  • SL NHE [Partner]
  • GHD SL Razor Curl
  • SL Partner Hamstring Curl [ECC Overload]
  • SL Partner Hamstring Drops [ECC Drop]
  • BW Mesquita Hip Extension
  • BW SL Mesquita Hip Extension
  • SSB SL Calf Raise [ECC Drop]
  • SSB SL Calf Raise [IsoHold]
  • DB SL Straight Knee Calf Raise
  • DB SL Calf Raise [ECC Drop]
  • DB SL Calf Raise [IsoHold]
  • Mini Band Lateral Walk
  • KB Hip Flexor Raise
  • Cable Adductor
  • SL Slider Adductor
  • SL Slider Adductor [ECC Drop]
  • Side-Lying Partner Adductor [ECC Overload]
  • Standing Partner Abductor [ECC Overload]
  • Landmine Side Plank Lifts
  • UB Squat Jump [Blocks]

Upper Body:

  • BB Bench Press [Oscillatory]
  • BB Decline Bench Press
  • BB Decline Bench Press [ECC Tempo]
  • DB Decline Bench Press
  • DB Floor Fly
  • DB Bench Fly
  • Push Up
  • Push Up [Band Resisted]
  • Landmine Row [Floor]
  • Landmine Partner Throw
  • TRX Butterfly Row
  • SA Band Serratus Pulldown
  • DB Bench Bent Over Row [Rotation]
  • DB Bench SA Row [Rotation]
  • Banded Press [Low Position]
  • Banded Press [Medium Position]
  • Banded Press [High Position]
  • DB Bent Over Wiper
  • DB Supported Wrist Flexion
  • DB Supported Wrist ER [Supramax ECC]
  • DB Supported Wrist IR [Supramax ECC]


  • KB Russian Twist
  • KB PB Rotation Twist
  • Toe Touches
  • GHD AB Reverse Plank [IsoHold]
  • GHD AB Reverse Plank [Perturbations]
  • DB SA Hollow Body Rotational Press [Explosive]


  • V-Box Hops
  • V-Box Jumps
  • V-Box 360 Degree Hops
  • A-Box Hops
  • A-Box Jumps
  • A-Box 360 Degree Hops
  • A-Box Side to Side Leaps


  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Cat & Mouse Game


  • Sprint 20m Test [2-point]

If you want the new 1.2 version just make sure to re-download it from the site.

Customers can log in to their account and re-download the new version.

Premium members can instantly download ExLib for FREE, as well as Standard members who have been part of our community for at least 6 months.
All Standard members who are with us for less than that period hang on tight and download the ExLib tool free of charge as soon as you reach the 6th-month milestone.

To download the ExLib tool, please log in to your account as a member and select the “Store” item from the top menu. When the page is loaded under the product, a Download button will be displayed. Click on it to download your copy.

Find out more about ExLib Tool via the button below.

Product Details

Enjoy the new features and enhancements. We hope the ExLib tool proves to be a valuable asset in your training regimen, simplifying your planning processes and making your coaching endeavors a bit easier and more efficient!

We would truly appreciate and make it even better.

P.S. Could you help us out by leaving a short review of ExLib? Just a few sentences on how you’ve been using it, the benefits it’s brought you, or any challenges it’s helped you tackle would be incredibly helpful. You could even do a quick video if you prefer!

Your insights can assist others in making informed decisions. Thank you!


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