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13/10/2015 at 09:47 #16548

Without deeper analysis, you could “attack” things from two directions.

1. Longer-lower intensity work toward 3×5 (or 5×5)
2. Shorter-higher intensity work toward 3×5 (or 5×5)

You can call this “funnel” method. Make sure to also check 8-weeks out program (fight prep phase) by Joel Jamieson (in his book), and you can also take some ideas from Block Periodization (Final Phase approach). Since it is 40 days to a fight, most conditioning and speed/power training should be “sport specific”, with occasional complementary GPP work (i.e. 1-2x gym sessions, small volume and recovery sessions in the pool). As always depends on your specific case and what one done before.

There could be numerous methods to hit 1 and 2 btw. With two you can start with 30sec hard intervals and try to extend it (or decrease rest), with 2min round and try to extending and so forth.

Hope it helps. Haven’t had much experience in this area so I am just brain storming using some known principles.