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04/12/2015 at 20:29 #16914

Hi Gary! Nice to colaborate with this topic. I´m currently in a similar context.
All the four points described are necesary and like it.

But the point of create reliationship and coordination with club coaches is primordial in my opinion (also very dificult)… if you don´t have the support or help of the manager or director of the Club.

I think there will be many children in different clubs… For this reason create meetings one a month or twice a month with the coaches will help to follow a line of work without creating physical problems or in the player development.

Also use information via email or another platform is a great help for beacuase coaches are not required to assist you in person in most cases.

It is difficult cohesion of the training programs but is easier seek consistency between the two parts School-Club.

I would like to continue reading about your experience with the academy and clubs.

Greetings from Spain.