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14/12/2015 at 08:22 #16967

Hi Adrian, thanks for your input. It’s quite difficult to build a relationship with the club coaches but it is something we are doing. However, we usually find they don’t take into consideration what the player has been doing before or after that session.


Thanks for responding!I definitely agree that prioritising sessions is important. Parents unfortunately are a hinderance more than a help in most cases, with good intent. Player and parent education is a big focus of ours, we are trying to make them realise that sometimes more does not equal better. I recently had to refuse a parent additional training for their 8 year old as she wanted him to train every night of the week, I advised that she took him to a different activity on those nights or allow him to play outside and explore a little. She didn’t understand and actually quit to go to a different academy where he now train 6x/week. 1hour and a half per night – football only.

I like your layout. The biggest obstacle is certainly communicating with the clubs. We are trying to build those relationships.