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08/01/2016 at 01:04 #17124

I like this theory on planning and preparation. Mainly, because as each juncture passes it leaves you with many “outs”, the ability to change direction without wreaking havoc on your program. In my case, games are penciled into the season plan, then depending on results of these games the sprints can take different forms or direction. This type of planning allows you to manipulate risk in a safer fashion, rather than all eggs placed into the one/two baskets! I’m currently working in a situation where in the coming weeks we have two games approaching- win both of them and we can proceed with a low risk high reward strategy, win 1 lose 1 and we must go with a medium risk strategy and lose both and we must take a higher risk strategy. These three different scenarios will produce three very variant “sprints”. The beauty of agile periodization is that it allows you to change direction with seamless efficiency which is perfect for team sports IMO. Really like the way you are modelling this Mladen!