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09/01/2016 at 16:02 #17134

Hi Mladen!
This basketball season I tried to create a Excel tool to conect Head Coach and S&C Coach in the next points:

1. Tactics systems and the needs of the players to play.
2. A table to write the tec-tactical session by the coach with easy parameters to describe the exercise choosen (duration sesion,suration exercise, rest, sets,water, density…)
3. An adjunt table to the anterior point for the S&C Coach, to describe the subjective internal or externa load that could represent the exercises.
4. A fast and easy feedback of the session to the Head Coach with the load points (RPE, External load, intensity…) more representatives to making decisions about future changes and create a dialogue between S&C and HC about the process.

Maybe you now utilize something similar or maybe you can write a post about this idea. “Dialogue with Head Coach”

Thanks and keep sharing!!

Adrián Rubio