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12/03/2016 at 15:15 #17570

John you can use our football monitoring system free if you let me know how you find it and provide feedback on the system.

We use session RPE x duration to calculate AU load and automatically the system will calculate training monontony and strain.

We provide monthly reports using latex and send them back to you in a download section.

You can track wellness, any fitness test, physical data , msk screening data

It also links all the medical data with this to create reports we are just in the process of designing a data dashboard to provide all key useful metrics for the target audience.

Me I am a sports medical Doctor with British Triathlon but have worked in team sport for many years
or have a look here register free here

I am particularly interested in cohesion in teams and bringing medical science sports science conditioning together, one of the ways is to be more open with information and making data relevant in a dashboard