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12/03/2016 at 17:18 #17574

Hi John I guess it will be very similar although we have approached it from a different perspective, as I am a Doc the system started out very medically oriented. We are only just entering the sports science domain, I guess you started from the other end and developed the sports science side first before the medical ? I doubt there will be major differences. I suppose it comes down to cost and usability.

What is the cost of Kinduct for one squad e.g a soccer team ?

Systems aside however the whole training load TSB injury risk thing fascinates me. I do like the acute on chronic workload issue, in Triathlon our athletes train 35 – 40 hours a week for several consecutive weeks. I think basing assumptions on TSB may come unstuck unless previous long term chronic training loads are also considered. An example would be an athlete who has a large training ” base ” gets injured. He has time off but because of the base is able to accommodate a high acute training load to get back to where he left off quickly.

So it needs a ” factor ” in the equation perhaps Mladen you have an opinion on this ?

best James