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16/03/2016 at 18:52 #17601

Quite current and insightful this from Danilo, having been involved in sports medicine for many yrs 1996 I think I first became involved in rugby league. The Athletes had to self manage …. because there was not the extended team of medics and scientists we have today.

By self manage I mean they had to experiment a little with injury and recovery and do what they felt was needed in order to return to play … and get paid.

Now my feeling is that in some sports we have been breeding a helpless team of athletes who are so used to being told what to do they have lost the ability to self manage, they are tracked from head to foot by wearables and we gather the data from these devices and use it to devise a plan

While I agree this is going to be the future we have lost something.

Exactly what Danilo points out and that is that the athlete is just another member of the team and needs to learn the skills of self management, recognising an issue, this may for example be a tightness in the Achilles for example with this recognition understand to rest and initiate a strengthening program into his or her training program being able then to respond him or herself to changes in how he or she feels and work out ( with the extended team ) what works best

ie not just following a blind prescription

The more we encourage learned helplessness the more we will have to do to the athlete the larger the teams will grow to be able to manage them.

I often wonder what is the correct formula for a sports medical and science team. It seems it is not based on need but on the budget of the organization.

Some smaller teams with small budgets have a low incidence of injury ………. are their players better at self management ?

therein is the question