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03/04/2016 at 11:26 #17716

Dear Mladen,
Congratulations for your video! You are showing an agile maturity which is often missing in the IT world! 😀

Just a comment. The choice of words that the Cynefin framework makes, doesn’t make complete sense to me when relating to “complicated” and “complex”. I would have inverted them. A complex system is a car: a lot of elements interconnected, so many relationships between them, a high level of mechanical complexity… But it is rational, thus “complex”, not complicated as Cynefin would say.
Complex is a mind map rich of nodes, where anyway the whole structure makes full sense once you’ve studied and understood it.
Something complicated is an office environment that doesn’t perform as it should because of lack of communication, of trust, and full of misconceptions – THAT is complicated, full of complications due to layered and unclear human interactions, and it should be clarified and simplified in order to improve it.
But anyway, this is the choice of words that Cynefin does, and you’ve correctly reported it in your video.

As for the rest… Thumbs up from my side!