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11/05/2016 at 07:50 #17933

Hi Brandon,

I’m a PhD student currently doing research in Agility for Australian Football. I think the big take-away, as Mladen mentioned, is to be very wary of drawing conclusions from closed change of direction tasks such as the T-test. There are a few tests which do incorporate a cognitive stimulus and may be of some use but it is important to use a sport specific stimulus rather than just pointing/ arrow/ flashing lights. A great article which discusses the importance of the sport-specific stimulus is this one here (

A new test which I have used recently, and may be of some interest is in this article (” title=”in this article). It is modified from this study ( Be wary though, it may be of limited use in a coaching setting as it takes a relatively long time and it’s impossible to create “benchmark” scores.

On another topic, I would be very interested in what drills you use at Seattle Sounders FC to train agility, as that is where my research is focused at the moment.

Regards, Russell