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14/06/2016 at 12:15 #18111

MVP is a good term to use for a common sense logic that I apply on a micro scale in the S & C environment. For example when I have progressed athletes towards a complex movement such as a full Olympic lift or a plyometric drill, I will develop what I call a safe and reasonably effective ‘Movement Template’. Rather than spending 2 years to develop perfect technique in a power clean before weight becomes the focus I will establish a basic movement for the PC with my athlete that is safe and immediately productive biomechanically. Once a basic movement template has been established it can be improved upon one adjustment at a time while allowing the athlete to be active, progressive and positive towards greater mastery. At the end of the day we need to be acquiring skills and developing both mentally and physically and in many cases some tasks are avoided because they are too overwhelming to learn. I believe skills can be built in a pattern that allows involvement and progression with the ultimate goal of eventually acquiring the skill. As long as good coaching is applied the athlete can be guided successfully instead of having to learn and build multiple movements to get it 100% right over a longer period. I find this is mainly attributable to the complex exercises mentioned. Some exercises must be learnt in large part quickly in order to obtain a training progression however the concept of MVP even in relation to exercise technique has great merit.