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07/03/2017 at 19:36 #19351

Thank you Mladen. We train twice/week mostly technical/skill work related with basic fitness work coming into play 4 weeks out again twice/week. I’m planning a 6-10 week per-season on my own. I play fullback. Couple questions:

-MAS can be accurately determined within a 5-6 min effort. Can/should you go longer or not necessary? Judging by your response, using a treadmill and/or running on the track can both effectively determine MAS? I am assuming the 1% incline is to mimic outdoor circumstances. If you began your MAS test at 10km/hr and finished at 6 minutes at 16km/hr, you would take 16 km/hr to calculate MAS or the average? Can you start with speeds higher than 8-10 km/h if your fitness is good?

-I read your “Physical Preparation to Soccer- 8 Weeks Out” article where you divide it into 3 phases, Base block (Aerobic Capacity – long runs), Aerobic block (Aerobic Power – Billat intervals), RSA block (Glycolytic power/capacity, fatigue management – Sprints,repeat) so I thought your 6 week program fills in the first 2 blocks and I would need to make up the 3rd. Since this program would not fit the bill of a pre-season one, can you suggest how covert the current program into a pre-season one or point me into another direction? I would assume 3-4 days/week of individual fitness work would be plenty.

-Is there any issues ending the final block of pre-season/peaking 1 or 2 weeks early prior to the match or taking a deload the week competition?

I do appreciate your time in answering my questions, thank you.