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08/03/2017 at 17:45 #19357

Thank you Mladen.

-Is there a reason trainers prescribe for the treadmill method to increase 1 km/h every 5 minutes as opposed to every 2 minutes as advised by you?

-Thank you for providing a breakdown. I guess for the Base I can use the “Extensive & intensive intervals” format (Block 2), for the Aerobic Power I could use “Extensive intermittent runs/billat intervals” format (Block 3) as per your article “6 Week Running Program for Soccer Players”? For the RSA Block I could use a variety of linear sprints for distances? I could assume having these sessions scheduled 3x/week is plenty of work for all 3 phases and adjusting intensity while lowering the volume is all that is required?

-Regarding peaking, so the athlete wants to peak say the week of the first match and maintain fitness throughout the remainder of the competition?

-During in-competition, team practice and maybe 1 aerobic capacity session and/or 1 RSA session should be enough to maintain?

Thank you kindly.