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If you want to estimate vLT or velocity at LT, then longer stages are needed. Not for vVO2max (MAS), because MAS is at higher speed than vLT and hence staying there too long will drain the athlete and he will not be able to achieve his MAS velocity (see CV/D’ model – Critical Velocity). I believe similar happens in those unable to achieve VO2 peak (spend their W’ or D’)

– You can also mix n’ match:

Block #1: Base
Workout 1: 3x10min
Workout 2: Tempo
Workout 3: 4x10min
Workout 4: Tempo
Workout 5: Extensive Interval (8x2min w/1min)
Workout 6: Tempo

Block #2: Aerobic Power
Workout 7: Extensive Interval
Workout 8: Tempo
Workout 9: Intensive Run (4x3min)
Workout 10:Intermittent 15/15
Workout 11:Intensive Run
Workout 12: Intermittent 30/30

Block #3: RSA
Workout 13:Extensive Interval
Workout 14:RSA
Workout 15:Intermittent 30/30
Workout 16:RSA
Workout 17:Intensive Run
Workout 18:RSA


– Fuck peaking. There is no peaking in team sports. Season too long, preseason too short. REduce the load for the first game and go from there.
– I would rotate to keep the boring out. Test every once in a while to see you are on the right track