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10/03/2017 at 21:56 #19364

Thank you again Mladen.

My final question regarding MAS calculation via treadmill testing and RSA:

-I performed the test on a treadmill set to 1% incline and 10kmphr increasing 1kmphr every second minute:
1 min: treadmill incline set up at 1%, walk remainder of the minute
2-3 min: 10kmphr
4-5 min: 11kmphr
6-7 min: 12kmphr
8-9 min: 13kmphr
10-11 min: 14kmphr
12-13 min: 15kmphr
14-15 min: 16 kmphr
finished at the 15 minute running 16kmphr for 2 minutes.

How would the calculation for MAS using a treadmill method look? The calculations used in the article are based on “distance/time” which I did not track per each 2m interval.

-Thank you for the workout breakdown. I guess everything but RSA can be trained on a treadmill just have to take account for the treadmill “time to speed up” when raising speeds?

-To be on the safe side for the RSA workouts specifically, could that be as simple as say 3-4 sets of 6 reps of 15m sprints (sprint, walk back to start and repeat 5 more times, rest 2 minutes and that is 1 set) or generally anything that involves a series of sprints, shuttles between 10m to 100m, repeats?

Much appreciated Mladen.