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27/04/2017 at 19:45 #19624

Hi Mladen,

I would guess that the study was not a full scientific process, hence no discussion of study design or connection with an institution. Having trained and coached in CrossFit since 2008, I agree that most low to mid level CrossFit participants tend to push the ceiling all the time … unless the structure of their program explicitly dictates otherwise. The majority of CrossFit gyms still tend to program “ceiling” workouts all the time to satisfy their members’ desire for a very “hard workout”. From my observations, the higher the athlete rises, the more tendency there is to involve different intensities of exercise and focus on developing quality. Some gyms and trainers incorporate these by providing daily (or per session) “themes” to guide their athletes experience. A recent trend in training methods in CrossFit is the “EMOM” (Every Minute On the Minute), in which the goal (usually) is repeated efforts of high quality with a background of moderate metabolic stress.