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19/10/2017 at 01:59 #20785

Good overview to get a gasp of how planning with teams work!
I guess we have to keep in mind, that for our athletes strength training is a mean to support them in their main sport. It’s not their main sport itself: For my current team (Womens Volleyball) I only “measured” Squat 1RM (Reps to tech. Failure) and from there I estimate and adjust for the other lifts. Sometimes I find numbers in literature (thanks for the Baker’s table, i haven’t come across before) that i can try and adjust for the individual athlete. The stuff I care most about I prescribe weights (%1RM + Safety margin, or e.g. depending on bodyweight like “Lat Pulldown half your Bodyweight and adjust next set if necessary”) and for some assistance exercises I let them choose (with some guidance) the weights.

In the end…. in Team sports you need to have a stimulus but imho it has not to be as precise as in strength sports where lifting is your actual training. I mean sometimes the atheletes come to your weights session still beaten down from the everning practice then you have to adsjust anyway, the big difference is not if you lift 80kg or 82.5kg but uf you lift 80-8.25kg or not 🙂

looking forward for next chapter…