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04/04/2018 at 01:31 #22555

As I was reading through this my thoughts about application of this from a monitoring perspective came to mind. However it presents some real challenges. Example….

Futbol Team uses a fitness test and determines MAS. Team has GPS capabilities and wants to look at determining volume of work at or above MAS up to 120% and also volume of work in ASR. Is it possible?

1. I ask because, every sport scientist or strength coach wants to know what they are prescribing is making a difference without having to cross their fingers on the next test day. 2. The biggest stimulus for the athlete comes on field and we can’t do HIT every day as a test, so a daily training calculation makes sense. 3.In some cases bad results/injuries makes the head coach resist the idea of re-testing during season (had this happen)…. Hence a need for an objective longitudinal measure.

To my knowledge most GPS systems don’t allow for individual personalization of speed zones per person, rather a scheme that goes to everyone with then individualized max speeds. We could beat this by going backwards in the math with their max speed so that, aggregated zones fit in line with players MAS and/or ASR. But…if the system determines sprint distance and high speed running etc via relative zones and not fixed absolute figures…your screwed.

We could look to export the absolute raw data and re-write our own aggregation of zones but, let’s face it….no way in hell im spending that amount of effort for something I’m not going to sell.

I feel that looking at internal load vs external load and response ratio’s is just to imprecise. There’s so many variables that influence someone’s response on any given day.

Any thoughts here on a real application of this or is it just something that I’m shooting for the moon with? Maybe I’m just stupid and I missed the train on someone solving this with a different variable? Am I making really the same argument as Metabloic power and just going in circles? I’m just thinking a general calculation to say we are accomplishing A or B with some amount of certainty.