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04/09/2018 at 09:43 #23660

Hi Marco,

Glad you found it useful. Regarding only having 10 units – I think the BEST use might be to create a list of exercises/drills you do and have a certain ranges of values (e.g. HSD per min od drill, # Hard Acceleration per minute of drill, etc). You can rotate athletes to get a glimpse, as well note the position of the athletes (to also see if there are any differences).

Having this drill database makes you more ‘precise’ in ‘predicting’ the load. This is by far not perfect, but beteer than nothing.

As for injury prediction with only 10 units? Hmm… Having 30 unitsts, injury prediction is still pipe dream, so don’t need to worry about it. What can be done is to use the drills database to ‘estimate’ individual loads (using position and minutes played in a given drill) or as you say ‘average’ (although then you are predicting for a TEAM, not individual).

Hope this all make some sense 🙂