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6 weeks running program for soccer players

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  • mm
    02/01/2013 at 20:14 #16733

    This is an article I wrote couple of months ago for one website, but it never got published, so I decided to publish it on my blog. It is a basic runn
    [See the full post at: 6 weeks running program for soccer players]

    04/03/2017 at 09:20 #19306

    Hi Mladen,

    Thank you kindly for your generosity and wealth of information.

    Could this program serve as a soccer pre-season program for an individual player (full back) (making up for the Base and Aerobic Power Blocks) if one was to add a 2 week RSA Block at the end of it?

    As a soccer player, is the 1600m run MAS test the best way to determine MAS for training or is there another variable (possibly shorter, maybe 1200m run) for testing that provides the same accuracy?

    04/03/2017 at 20:19 #19318

    Could this program be done effectively on a treadmill (evaluating MAS test and following all the workouts) and if so, how would your treadmill set up look like to receive the training stimulus?

    07/03/2017 at 17:17 #19350

    You can use some elements for pre-season, but I would kick out long runs if you have soccer practices.

    Determining MAS on treadmill can be done by using 1% inclune, starting at 8 or 10 km/h, and increasing for 1 km/h every 2 minutes until exhaustion. Take the fastest velocity.

    1200 vs 1600? Not sure it matter’s much in team sports, as long as it is 5-6min effort.

    07/03/2017 at 19:36 #19351

    Thank you Mladen. We train twice/week mostly technical/skill work related with basic fitness work coming into play 4 weeks out again twice/week. I’m planning a 6-10 week per-season on my own. I play fullback. Couple questions:

    -MAS can be accurately determined within a 5-6 min effort. Can/should you go longer or not necessary? Judging by your response, using a treadmill and/or running on the track can both effectively determine MAS? I am assuming the 1% incline is to mimic outdoor circumstances. If you began your MAS test at 10km/hr and finished at 6 minutes at 16km/hr, you would take 16 km/hr to calculate MAS or the average? Can you start with speeds higher than 8-10 km/h if your fitness is good?

    -I read your “Physical Preparation to Soccer- 8 Weeks Out” article where you divide it into 3 phases, Base block (Aerobic Capacity – long runs), Aerobic block (Aerobic Power – Billat intervals), RSA block (Glycolytic power/capacity, fatigue management – Sprints,repeat) so I thought your 6 week program fills in the first 2 blocks and I would need to make up the 3rd. Since this program would not fit the bill of a pre-season one, can you suggest how covert the current program into a pre-season one or point me into another direction? I would assume 3-4 days/week of individual fitness work would be plenty.

    -Is there any issues ending the final block of pre-season/peaking 1 or 2 weeks early prior to the match or taking a deload the week competition?

    I do appreciate your time in answering my questions, thank you.

    08/03/2017 at 12:47 #19352

    – MAS, as any other “construct” is test-dependent and a bit fuzzy. I look at it from a practical perspective: you want something to be useful to guide your training. 1200/1500m, 5/6min runs can all work. Re: treadmill – use the FASTEST speed you have reached. Yes, you can start at faster speeds

    – If you want to extend it to 10, I would do Base: 2, Aerobic Power: 2, RSA: 2, Aerobic Power: 2, RSA: 2 and you have 10 weeks.

    – Ideally you want to win the first game to get on the right foot, so some peaking can be done, most likely extra day off in that week or something (just not 2 days before a game)

    08/03/2017 at 17:45 #19357

    Thank you Mladen.

    -Is there a reason trainers prescribe for the treadmill method to increase 1 km/h every 5 minutes as opposed to every 2 minutes as advised by you?

    -Thank you for providing a breakdown. I guess for the Base I can use the “Extensive & intensive intervals” format (Block 2), for the Aerobic Power I could use “Extensive intermittent runs/billat intervals” format (Block 3) as per your article “6 Week Running Program for Soccer Players”? For the RSA Block I could use a variety of linear sprints for distances? I could assume having these sessions scheduled 3x/week is plenty of work for all 3 phases and adjusting intensity while lowering the volume is all that is required?

    -Regarding peaking, so the athlete wants to peak say the week of the first match and maintain fitness throughout the remainder of the competition?

    -During in-competition, team practice and maybe 1 aerobic capacity session and/or 1 RSA session should be enough to maintain?

    Thank you kindly.

    10/03/2017 at 18:10 #19363

    If you want to estimate vLT or velocity at LT, then longer stages are needed. Not for vVO2max (MAS), because MAS is at higher speed than vLT and hence staying there too long will drain the athlete and he will not be able to achieve his MAS velocity (see CV/D’ model – Critical Velocity). I believe similar happens in those unable to achieve VO2 peak (spend their W’ or D’)

    – You can also mix n’ match:

    Block #1: Base
    Workout 1: 3x10min
    Workout 2: Tempo
    Workout 3: 4x10min
    Workout 4: Tempo
    Workout 5: Extensive Interval (8x2min w/1min)
    Workout 6: Tempo

    Block #2: Aerobic Power
    Workout 7: Extensive Interval
    Workout 8: Tempo
    Workout 9: Intensive Run (4x3min)
    Workout 10:Intermittent 15/15
    Workout 11:Intensive Run
    Workout 12: Intermittent 30/30

    Block #3: RSA
    Workout 13:Extensive Interval
    Workout 14:RSA
    Workout 15:Intermittent 30/30
    Workout 16:RSA
    Workout 17:Intensive Run
    Workout 18:RSA


    – Fuck peaking. There is no peaking in team sports. Season too long, preseason too short. REduce the load for the first game and go from there.
    – I would rotate to keep the boring out. Test every once in a while to see you are on the right track

    10/03/2017 at 21:56 #19364

    Thank you again Mladen.

    My final question regarding MAS calculation via treadmill testing and RSA:

    -I performed the test on a treadmill set to 1% incline and 10kmphr increasing 1kmphr every second minute:
    1 min: treadmill incline set up at 1%, walk remainder of the minute
    2-3 min: 10kmphr
    4-5 min: 11kmphr
    6-7 min: 12kmphr
    8-9 min: 13kmphr
    10-11 min: 14kmphr
    12-13 min: 15kmphr
    14-15 min: 16 kmphr
    finished at the 15 minute running 16kmphr for 2 minutes.

    How would the calculation for MAS using a treadmill method look? The calculations used in the article are based on “distance/time” which I did not track per each 2m interval.

    -Thank you for the workout breakdown. I guess everything but RSA can be trained on a treadmill just have to take account for the treadmill “time to speed up” when raising speeds?

    -To be on the safe side for the RSA workouts specifically, could that be as simple as say 3-4 sets of 6 reps of 15m sprints (sprint, walk back to start and repeat 5 more times, rest 2 minutes and that is 1 set) or generally anything that involves a series of sprints, shuttles between 10m to 100m, repeats?

    Much appreciated Mladen.

    12/03/2017 at 17:26 #19384

    Your MAS is 16 km/h.

    12/03/2017 at 19:32 #19385

    Thank you for your patience.

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